Sonja Mueller is a Berlin-based, prize-winning photographer and filmmaker who has worked extensively in the sports and advertising domain. When she moved to London in 1994, Sonja dove into freelance editorial work with assignments shooting portraits of musicians, artists and actors. The challenge of working with different personalities, exploring the dynamic between authenticity and public persona immediately appealed to Sonja and she began to look for ways to hone her skills.
Sonja’s secret is that she is ravenously curious about people. She is fascinated with the enigma of everyone she meets and, as such, treats everyone with the same respect and openness, be they carpenter, politician or pop star. This approach puts Sonja’s subjects at ease, while Sonja’s dramatic yet uncluttered aesthetic adapts easily to different projects. Alongside her commercial work, she is constantly developing her own artistic projects in an attempt to satisfy her insatiable appetite for building her skills and exploring the many faces and facets of experience.



4F Sport,Adidas, ASICS, Audi, Bauerfeind, BMW, Bruno Banani, Casio, Commerzbank, CustomForm, Daimer Industries, Das Hunger Projekt e.V., debitel, Dresdner Kleinwort, Elektro, Feld Hommes, Fleurop-Interflora, Freenet, General Electric, Helvetia Insurance, Koestritzer, Lloyds Bank, Maltesers, Mercedes-Benz, Nike, NIVEA, OBB, Puma, Siemens AG, Sloggi, Spex Optical, Stern, Triumph, Vattenfall.